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Real Estate Law Toronto

De Sa Real Estate Law is a real estate law firm in Toronto offering a full suite of legal services, including Cooperative and Condominium Law. For the last 20 years, we have been protecting clients’ properties with custom legal documents. In the modern economy, the real estate sector has emerged as a lucrative investment opportunity and a strategic pillar of growth for businesses striving to improve their performance. This competitive industry requires speed, skill, and top-notch talent to handle documents and transactions professionally and ethically.

De Sa Real Estate Law specializes in all stages of real estate development. Some of our common clients are property investment trusts, institutional investors, pension funds and pension fund advisers, private equity, opportunity funds, commercial banks, governments, investment banks, industrial banks, statutory agencies, insurance companies, real estate holding companies, developers and corporations of all kinds. We practice due diligence in our projects to provide professional pre-transaction analysis, detecting the risks incurred later.

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    How We Chip In

    De Sa Real Estate Law has a team of world-class lawyers ready to serve real estate law clients in Toronto. We strive to be among the most effective property practices in Toronto. We maximize our size and depth to help clients invest in material enhancements for better service delivery.

    Customers gain from our integrity and expertise in all real estate dimensions. We often serve clients on the acquisition, financing, development, leasing, reformation, and disposition of substantial assets and portfolios. Additionally, clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach. When necessary, our personnel visit courts to solve disputes or via alternative dispute resolution as preferred by the client.

    Building Together

    We strive to build a lasting partnership with our clients. In this regard, De Sa Real Estate Law acts as an extension of clients’ goodwill. We work closely with our clients on each project to wade safely through the sea of regulatory, environmental and community issues to achieve success.

    Are you looking for real estate law services in Toronto? Look no more! De Sa Real Estate Law is the best law firm in Toronto ahead of the rest.

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