Selling Property In Toronto

Selling Property In Toronto

Are you selling a property in Toronto? There is a lot that can go wrong. You need an experienced real estate lawyer to protect your interests.

Upgrading to a larger house to accommodate a growing family, relocating to another city, readjusting your property investment portfolio, and downsizing to a smaller property are all good reasons to sell your property in Toronto. It would be great if all it took to sell your property was finding a willing buyer and collecting payment. As you will find out, it is not. A lot can go wrong and the prospect of financial loss or legal trouble is real. All of it can be avoided by engaging an experienced real estate lawyer.

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    A Real Estate Lawyer Is Legally Required When Selling Property in Ontario

    You need a lawyer to complete a real estate sale in Ontario. But lawyers come in all forms, with some that are just general lawyers and others with specific areas of practice. For a large transaction such as a property sale, you need not only a specialist real estate lawyer but also one who is experienced.

    You have an obligation to disclose all relevant information about the property you are selling. If you are a first-time seller, it is easy to assume some of this information isn’t important to disclose. But it is and the buyer can come back and sue you if it turns out the property has defects you did not disclose.

    Without competent legal guidance selling property in Toronto can turn from fun and exciting to a complete nightmare. It is easy to neglect something important, including:
      • Choosing the right realtor or stager,
      • completing the home inspection,
      • putting the paperwork in order,
      • negotiating with buyers,
      • reviewing offers,
      • paying the necessary taxes,
    closing the sale.

    Your Friendly & Efficient Real Estate Lawyers In Toronto

    Toronto has the hottest and most competitive property market in Canada. It is unlikely that you will struggle for buyers. But that can be as much a curse as an advantage. It means both bad characters and well-intentioned people are looking to strike gold. Without the due diligence that a lawyer provides, both sellers and buyers aren’t safe.
    Real estate lawyers from De Sa & Associates can oversee the whole process of selling property, up to the transfer. We have experience with commercial and residential real estate and are familiar with the complexities of both. We will help you close your property sale smoothly and quickly.

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