Transfer Of Title

Transfer Of Title

Title conveys legal ownership of a real estate property. This ownership gives you the right to possess, control use, exclude access, and dispose of the property as you wish. In Ontario, you need a lawyer to complete a title transfer.

There are several reasons why you would want to transfer the title of a property. You may do so as part of a divorce settlement, to fulfill refinancing requirements for your mortgage, or to gain sole ownership after the passing of a spouse or joint owner of the property.

Perhaps the most exciting reason for title transfer, however, is to assume ownership of a property you have just purchased. This is usually the culmination of a lot of saving and tough comparisons to decide on the right property.

You also have to complete a title transfer to assume full ownership of inherited property. A proud moment is when you pass ownership of a property to a child or transfer a share to a new spouse. In all these instances you need an experienced lawyer to legally complete a title transfer.

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    Only A Lawyer Can Complete A Title Transfer In Toronto

    You have to hire a lawyer to transfer title for a property in Toronto. It is what the law in Ontario demands. Secondly, it is in your best interests. And while the process seems fairly straightforward, there are important considerations for which you need qualified legal guidance.

    There are several types of title, including life estate ownership, freehold ownership, and leasehold ownership, and different scenarios where each one applies. A lawyer will review your situation and advice on the right form of title.

    An experienced real estate lawyer will also simplify the legal nuances of transferring title between family members, which is important as there are different tax requirements. The lawyer will also know what fees apply and will let you know how much you need to budget before you start the process.

    De Sa Real Estate Lawyers Get It Done Faster And Efficiently

    Don’t drop the ball on the last step by hiring a lawyer that lacks experience in real estate title transfers. Real estate lawyers from De Sa & Associates are thorough and diligent. We will make sure your property purchase concludes smoothly, with no legal loopholes that may delay your assumption of ownership.

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